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Store almost fully restocked!


So What Pumpkin has been almost fully restocked, with the following exceptions:

Pullover Hoodies

Hero of Breath Pullover Hoodie - Small

Hero of Breath Pullover Hoodie - Large

Hero of Time Pullover Hoodie - Medium

Caliborn Pullover Hoodie - Medium

Standard Tees

Hero of Breath Standard Tee - Medium

Hero of Space Standard Tee - Small

Hero of Mind Standard Tee- Medium

Girly Tees

Hero of Light Girly Tee - Medium

Hero of Light Girly Tee - Large

There are also maybe 4 or 5 other items that are really low, but we’re still receiving daily shipments from our manufacturer and these out-of-stock and limited items should be replenished soon. 

Thanks, gang! 

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