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Now Available For Sale!

Consort Plush Dolls - Available in a full set or individually, you can now have your own salamander, crocodile, iguana and/or turtle!

Beta Kids Bafflers - We can’t keep these awesome handcrafted puzzles from Chris Yates on the shelf! So if you really want one, you’ll have to act quick.

Senator Lemonsnout & Pyralspite - Now you get to purchase your own! We will be restocking with more in December, but we believe we have enough in house to cover anyone who wants to buy their own until then. Only Senator Lemonsnout and Pyralspite are currently available for purchase. However, that changes on December 9th. >:)

Homestuck Tarot Deck - With 78 cards of beautiful artwork from 39 different artists, it’s definitely a lot of gorgeous in a little package.

Aranea Serket Hoodies and T-Shirts (Standard and Girly) - AG: These are actually quite 8eautiful.

"Windy Escapades" by Gina Chacón, a two-print set containing "Post-Scratch Hazard" and "Pre-Scratch Venture". We loved the work Gina did for our 2014 Homestuck Calendar, we had to ask her for more!

Merchandise To Be Released On December 9th (You will be able to pre-order items slated to release on 12/9. Items tagged “pre-order” will likely be unavailable for Christmas delivery.)

1) Beta Kids Vinyl Figurines! (Pre-order, photos to come before their launch)

2) Lunchboxes! (Pre-order)

3) Bunches of Scalemates Plush Dolls! (Pre-order)

4) KC Green’s Sweet Bro & Hella Jeff print from our 2014 Homestuck Calendar!

5) Two new prints (to be revealed soon) - Gorgeous artwork by Zack Morrison and Xamag !

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