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Homestuck Kickstarter Pledge Rewards Process Update

Hey, still-waiting-on-and-wondering-about-my-Kickstarter-rewards guys!

So there have been a lot of emails from you guys (understandably so), and we’ve had a seriously difficult time getting to them. To the point where we’d have to put 2-3 of our employees on a computer full time just answering them. And that’s 2-3 less people sorting, packaging and shipping the Kickstarter packages that remain to be shipped.

While we’re still going through these emails, I’m hoping maybe a thorough explanation as to what’s going on at What Pumpkin with your Kickstarter goodies will help calm your worries caused by the delays we are experiencing. (On a side note, please include “address change” in the subject line regarding your emails about changing shipping addresses. We REALLY don’t want to miss those).

We hope the following information will clear any worries you guys might be having. We know it’s been frustrating for all backers still waiting to receive packages and are putting all of our efforts to getting packages out speedily.  

The vast majority of backers and What Pumpkin customers have been sweet, understanding and patient… and in generous proportions. We consider ourselves extremely lucky to be working with you, and are wholly thankful for your support in this Kickstarter.

— Amazon Pledges being shipped in the United States 

By far the largest representation of packages we’ve needed to ship out, we are nearing completion in sending these out. The $505 tier in this category left our offices yesterday and today. The $380 SEER/SLICK/FUN tier is currently being worked on and the last of them should be leaving sometime tomorrow. Or Thursday by the latest if we encounter any hiccups along the way. After these two tiers ship out, we will work on and ship out the remaining six tiers in this Amazon/domestic category, which are:

$180 - SLICK/FUN
$180 - SLICK/BRO
$205 - SEER/BRO

And as I was writing this, we just decided that we are shipping out $180 SLICK/FUN for this category next. The remaining tiers from the above list should ship out relatively quickly, seeing as they are easier for us to process compared to other tiers. We’re guessing by the end of next week.

If you pledged through Amazon, are having your Homestuck swag being mailed to somewhere in the United States, are not in any of the tiers mentioned above, and you haven’t gotten a shipping confirmation email or a package, shoot us an email. There might be a problem with your package, and we will be more than happy to remedy it.

— Amazon Pledges being shipped internationally to Canada and elsewhere 

International shipping has presented us with a series of unexpected, head-scratching obstacles throughout this entire process. Our plan from the beginning was to ship everything to you in one large box. This includes the Kickstarter-exclusive print which, when rolled, measures 24 inches long.

The problem? Boxes being shipped via USPS First Class International cannot be longer than 24 inches (outside measurement). The inside measurement would be too small for that print, which we normally store in a protective tube that is at least 26 inches long.


Another problem we are facing is that a handful of backers were either short on the amount of shipping required to ship to their particular area, or didn’t add for shipping at all.

But not to worry. We are starting an email campaign shortly where we will contact everyone affected concerning shipping and offer options that will ensure your package gets shipped out in a timely manner.

Now, as far as Canada, we have decided to ship all packages via UPS Standard. This should provide little hassle as UPS doesn’t have the same size restrictions that the US Post Office has. Unfortunately, UPS Standard is only a service offered in shipping to Canada. Using UPS to ship these large boxes anywhere else internationally (with even their cheapest shipping service) is still 5-10 times what we would normally be charged, and is thus cost prohibitive.

For packages going internationally (excluding Canada), we will be shipping USPS First Class International. We are currently retooling our packaging process to fix problems regarding size restrictions and should be ready to ship these international packages very soon.

— Pledges placed via PayPal, whether domestic or international 

PayPal pledges have been delayed somewhat as we work to transcribe the survey information filled out by backers in a way that our shipping software can understand. This is crucial with international PayPal shipments, yet still necessary for even domestic PayPal shipments.

While Kickstarter was able to collect all pertinent information regarding backers’ selections in their chosen tiers, our PayPal supplemental Kickstarter hosted on www.whatpumpkin.com
did not offer us as elegant a solution as on Kickstarter.com.

Backers were limited to choosing too few items when pledging due to limitations with PayPal, so a third-party survey service had to be used to collect all of your selections. And while it worked perfectly, and we’ve got all your selections, we’re still tasked with taking the information received from the surveys and joining it all with purchase and shipping information delivered to us by PayPal.

We are working diligently on that process, and don’t expect there to be very much of a lag time between sending out Amazon pledges and PayPal pledges. We will keep you informed, though.

As of this moment, the PayPal pledge packages that have gone out (domestically, and some internationally) are the $55 tier, the $105 GAMEPAK 2 tier, most of the $105 FUNPAK and the $1,000 tier.


We’ll keep you updated as things progress via this Tumblr page or our Twitter at www.twitter.com/whatpumpkin

Thanks guys!

Those people at that web-i-fied What Pumpkin store.

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